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Nokia Music with Mix Radio available as software update for Belle FP2 running devices.Loving the new Qt based application.


If you remember our reveiw of 808 PureView, then we especially mentioned how Nokia could think of improving “Nokia Music” application.

Nokia Music:

  • Nokia Music comes with unlimited download offer for full one year with 808 PureView in India.
  • The music collection is really rich and updated with latest Bollywood, Hollywood and other Geners, chartbusters and classics.
  • You can search and download by any keyword and download speed is blazing fast.
  • Only grudge is that Nokia has not given Nokia Music a fluid interface and neat client like “Nokia Store”. Option of Operator billing like Nokia Store can give Nokia Music a much wider audience and better acceptability with them who don’t have free offers.

In India, if you buy 808 PureView then you get one year of unlimited music download from Ovi/Nokia Music store. So, it is a much used application for me on my 808 PureView.

Then, we came to know that with Belle FP2 update we will get new version of Nokia Music, which will be a Qt based application. But due to some issue with the Belle FP2 update my 808 PureView got all the goodies but the Nokia Music application became dead. This actually happened with many devices and Belle FP2 was removed from servers.


Now, Nokia has started pushing the new “Nokia Music” application update via Nokia Suite for devices, which already got updated to Belle FP2 before it was pulled. Guess what, I have updated mine Belle FP2 running 808 PureView and I am simply loving the new “Nokia Music with Mix Radio”.

Yup, not only the interface is now Qt based and is very neat and fluid, but also it brings Nokia Mix Radio with it.

Three Cheers for Nokia !!

Now, if only they can make fixed version of Belle Fp2 firmware available for everyone soon !! It truly is one of those updates, which redefines device’s user experience.

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