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Nokia Mobile to use tech from Clear Imaging in its smartphone cameras

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Nokia Mobile is working to improve its smartphone cameras using patented technology from Clear Imaging Research. HMD Global, the manufacturer of Nokia smartphones has entered in a patent licensing deal with Clear Imaging Research.

As per the press release, HMD Global will use Clear Imaging’s patented inventions in its products including Nokia branded smartphones. The patented technology in question seems “to improve, enhance, and correct digital images and video” using digital imaging solutions. So, perhaps it will improve processing of the captured images and videos using Nokia smartphone cameras.

Clear Imaging Research, LLC (“Clear Imaging”), an image and video technology research and licensing company, announced signing a patent license agreement with HMD Global Oy (“HMD”) to cover HMD’s products including its Nokia branded smartphones. The license provides a worldwide, non-exclusive license to Clear Imaging’s patented inventions that address long-standing technical challenges in smartphones, digital cameras, and other consumer electronics.

“We are pleased to sign this agreement with HMD Global. HMD’s global brands including Nokia smartphones are well recognized and respected globally,” said Fatih Ozluturk, CEO of Clear Imaging Research. “Our principled and patient approach to licensing our patented inventions continues to bear results.”

Clear Imaging Research has been creating digital imaging solutions that aim to improve, enhance, and correct digital images and video in digital cameras, smartphones and other consumer electronics devices for well over fifteen years. We have created innovative and practical solutions to long-standing technical challenges more than a decade ahead of market adoption. The company continues to invent and license imaging solutions in the consumer electronics industry that directly improve user experience and help to capture important moments and create lasting memories.

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