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Early Android 12 update for Nokia X10 5G on cards as Nokia Mobile testing the update on Nokia X10 too


Nokia Mobile may be planning to expedite Android 12 update release to its top offerings of 2021. After Nokia X20 5G getting Android 12 Beta via the official developer program, Nokia X10 5G has also appeared running Android 12 in Geekbench listings.

Check the screenshot below that shows Nokia X10 5G running Android 12 appearing in Geekbench listings on September 14.

This is significant because it tells us that Nokia Mobile is no mood to delay the Android 12 update release to its latest smartphones. While Nokia X10 5G is not the part of Nokia Mobile’s Android developer preview program, the testing is already in progress.

Since Nokia X20 5G, Nokia X10 5G and even Nokia XR20 are powered by same processor it may be easier for Nokia Mobile to upgrade them to Android 12. Even the Nokia G50 5G will be powered by same processor and so hopefully Android 12 upgrade experience will be better than Android 11 for Nokia fans.

Google released Android 12 Beta 4 recently marking the platform stability for Android 12. This means that while Android 12 Beta testing continues until public release in the future Beta builds may be much more stable.

Android 12 is supposed to bring lots of UI changes, new animations and features. You can read the official details about Android 12 Beta UI changes and new features by clicking here.

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