Nokia Mobile is one of the Android manufacturers with good track-record of supporting its smartphones with guaranteed OS and patch update support. The years of promised OS and patch update support however varies by the smartphone.

For example even in the X-series, Nokia XR20 has one extra year (4 years in total) of Android security patch support as compared to Nokia X10 and Nokia X20. Now Nokia Mobile is planning to sell one more year (4th year) of support for Nokia X10 and Nokia X20.

You would be able to buy 4th year of Android patch support for both the smartphones in near future. Listings have appeared at some European retailers revealing the existence of 4th year Patch support vouchers for the price of EUR 24.94. Check the listings below.

Nokia X10 Patch extension link

Nokia X20 Patch extension link

It also seems that Nokia T20 will get a new and interesting official accessory. Nokia KW-100 is the Nokia T20 BT Keyboard Wallet Case. So, Nokia T20 owners will be able to use it in a more productive manner with a Bluetooth Keyboard in future.

Nokia KW-100 Case link