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Nokia Mobile rolling out fix for Nokia 3.1 Plus update error


Nokia Mobile aka HMD has acknowledged a software update error plaguing Nokia 3.1 Plus and has started rolling out a fix. It has provided the root cause behind this update issue and has also enumerated the steps to fix the issue while installing the new fix.

You can read the full post by HMD Staff member Laura below or by clicking here. But in a nutshell, the Android 10 update for Nokia 3.1 Plus made devices unable to receive any further updates. Now, there is an OTA update just to fix this issue and HMD has provided step by step instructions too.

Hi Nokia 3.1 Plus users

Some of you were affected by an unforeseen error in a recent software update. We’re here to help you get things back on track.

Here’s what happened

While rolling out the Android 10 update for Nokia 3.1 Plus devices, we were made aware of a software error. We immediately stopped the software rollout to investigate.

We discovered that affected devices will work as normal, but they are not able to receive over-the-air software updates as normal. Because keeping your device secure and up to date is important to us, we have built an over-the-air update with the specific purpose of resolving this error.

Am I affected?

You can determine if your device was affected by checking the software version.

Head to “Settings”, then “About phone” and scroll down to check the build number. The following builds are affected by the error:



If your Nokia 3.1 Plus build number matches one of the above, your device has been affected. We are planning to fix the vast majority of users’ devices using the over-the-air fix. In those cases, you won’t need to do much at all. Nevertheless, if your device has been affected, please read on so that you know what to expect.

We apologize to all customers impacted and we want you to know that we are here to help get this resolved.

The solution: Resolving the problem with a software update

We are currently rolling out an OTA (over-the-air) update that will resolve the issue. Here is how you can make sure you get the update and what you can expect to happen afterwards.

1.     Connect your Nokia 3.1 Plus to the internet. WiFi is preferable.

2.     Your device will receive and install the update automatically.

3.     Your device will restart itself as part of the installation.

4.     When you next use your device, you are likely to see a notification about a failed update. However, on this occasion, that means the update was successful!

5.     You do not need to press the “Try again” button.

6.     The error notification may keep coming through while we our rolling out the fix to other devices. After the fix rollout period, these notifications will stop.

The build number in Settings > About phone will not change after the installation, but this is normal.

That’s it – the bug will now have been resolved and your device will continue to receive updates as normal.

Don’t worry if you miss the OTA update

As long as you connect your Nokia 3.1 Plus to the internet, your device should automatically receive the update. We will have to stop the OTA rollout eventually, but if you miss it, don’t worry. We’ll follow up with further instructions on how to resolve this issue in case you miss out on the OTA update.

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