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Nokia is indeed developing a cloud-based Linux (Meego) OS, Job posting confirms


New NokiaWe reported via one of our trusted sources that Meego / Meltemi is not dead and may metamorphose into a cloud-based Nokia OS in future. Well, for doubting Thomases, here is a bit of evidence!! A new job posting reveals that Nokia is indeed working on a cloud-powered OS based on Linux.

Read the job description,

Engineering Systems provides end-to-end technical solutions and environments for multiple sub-units of Nokia Technologies. Our offering runs the breadth of infrastructure deployments, engineering applications and tools support, private and public cloud deployments, and defining and maintaining development platforms for global teams creating new technologies and products across multiple industries.

And here are the desired skills,

In order to succeed in this exciting role, we expect you to have a solid technical background and developing and productizing cloud-based systems. Additionally a deep background in Linux environments is highly appreciated and versatility combined with a pragmatic, problem-solving approach will allow you to fit right into the team.

One can still argue how is it related to Meego, the smartphone OS? So, point is while Meego was only for smartphones, as the cloud-based Nokia OS, it will now power upcoming wearables, smart devices and also will be the backbone of Internet of Things.


Thanks Nokia Fan for the tip. Cheers!!

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