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Nokia has delivered more than 600 branded apps to Windows Phone store on its own!!

Thanks Nari24 for sending these screenshots. It was hotly debated who cares more for WP eco-system and many were of this opinion that Nokia may have done more than MS for it. Now, this may be due to the reason that Nokia CEO may have cared more for the WP eco-system than Nokia as a manufacturer. So, on slides presented in Teched 2013 it is revealed that Nokia has been the force behind 600+ branded applications making it to WP store. Check the slides below.

Untitled Untitled1This big list of exclusives leaves us wondering, what could have happened if Nokia has done the same for any other OS option it had, but never considered due to some obvious reasons.

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  • Shravan

    So, of the 170k apps, 600 were delivered by Nokia, many of them exclusives. Wow, Nokia has done more for WP than MS.

    Nokia did what it did to differentiate itself from other WP OEMs. At the end of the day, it worked okay. Nokia pretty much owns the (small) WP market. Elop’s biggest mistake was not switching to WP, but releasing the huge behemoth that is Lumia 920. Compared to the sleek iPhone 5, the lumia 920 was a beast. The 925 came months later and was much better, but the damage had been done.

  • Niss

    He ruined the Most powerful Company He is really a flop in success and hero in cheating

  • Never trust outsiders. A CEO from Finland at-least had some emotions than this Canadian Flop (I meant Elop.. Sounds similar? 😀 ) 😛