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Nokia G22 Reintroduced : Perfectly Peachy For 2024!


HMD Global has just introduced the award-winning Nokia G22 in Peach, the 2024’s color of the year! While the Nokia G22 is not a new device, its easy repairability means this device is meant to last longer than your average device and is still a solid purchase for 2024!

The Peachy Nokia G22

Apparently, one in every 4 smartphones sold in Europe in 2023 were repairable.

CMO of HMD (Human Mobile Devices), Lars Silberbauer, said:

“This phone’s low cost, good looking, great camera and you can even repair it at home. The award-winning Nokia G22 stands for a lot of the things that inspired the evolution of our business and it’s a great hint of what’s to come from Human Mobile Devices in 2024.”

HMD VP of Design, Raun Forsyth, comments: “We are so happy that our efforts to bring repairability to every price point are being recognized by consumers, and even Time Magazine. Designing what our fans want must be the winning strategy here. Scroll through any feed right now and peach is trending – from how to wear peach, to how to make peach, and now you can dial in peach with a super affordable, stunning, and repairable smartphone. A good phone shouldn’t cost the planet or empty your pocket.”               

For those looking to get the Nokia G22 in Peach, here are some interesting points to note.

  1. Battery boss

Capacity: the battery lasts a whopping three days1 between charges.

Endurance: the battery holds over 80% of its original capacity after 800 full chargingcycles.2.

Bonus feature: batteries deplete. It’s normal. With Nokia G22, however, you can swap out the battery for a new one and keep those adventures coming.

  1. More boom for your beats

Experience: OZO Playback delivers enhanced clarity and bass to your music

Audio Boost: this feature lets you turn the volume way up. And, when you want to keep the music to yourself, connect your wireless earbuds or plug in your headset.

  1. Snap happy

Lens power: the 50 MP rear camera on Nokia G22 packs a punch at this price point

Versatility: a there’s a bunch of different shooting modes, you’ll be ready to capture the day’s best moments. And when the day ends, Night mode will take it from there.

  1. Design excellence

Budget chic: it’s not just a pretty face, this phone is budget friendly.

Fix it yourself: sleek and elegant, but there’s more to Nokia G22 than meets the eye. With QuickFix repairability, you can replace the battery, screen and charging port yourself.3 This DIY design put it on TIME magazine’s list of best inventions of 2023. 

  1. Warranty wonder

Value addition: Nokia G22 comes with a 3-year warranty as standard. You can’t put a price on peace-of-mind.

The pricing and availability will be updated in HMD’s brand new website soon so do stay tuned for more information.

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