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Nokia G20 may get the Android 13 update soon


Nokia G20 was officially confirmed as Android 13 compatible via the Google’s AER devices list. Now, it may be in line to receive the official Android 13 update soon. Android 13 test builds for Nokia G20 have appeared in the recent system build releases by Google.

A reader has shared with us the availability of two new Beta builds for Nokia G20. This is confirmed by the two DSUs shown as available in the screenshot below.

These two builds are also available in the list of the latest Android 13 system releases by Google. One can check the Beta builds by following the link to official Google page. Google has released latest Android 13 Beta builds on March 23.

This revelation paves way for the quick update roll-out to Nokia G20. Apart from Nokia G20, Nokia G11, Nokia G21, Nokia G10, Nokia X30 5G, Nokia G60 5G and Nokia G11 Plus are also Android 13 compatible but haven’t received the updated yet. This makes these seven smartphones eligible to receive the Android 13 update next.

Nokia Mobile recently started roll-out of Android 13 to Nokia XR20 5G, Nokia G50 5G, Nokia X20 5G and Nokia X10 5G. With this, it has already released Android 13 to four of the Eleven smartphones now, for which Android 13 compatibility is confirmed.

Nokia XR20 5G, Nokia X10 5G, Nokia X20 5G, Nokia G50 5G and Nokia G11 Plus appeared in the AER list originally. Subsequently, Nokia Mobile officially confirmed the Android 13 update roll-out to Nokia XR20 5GNokia X10 5G, Nokia X20 5G and Nokia G50 5G.

The Android 13 OS update brings some new features and visual changes, usability enhancements along with security and privacy improvements. You can check our curated list of Android 13 eligible Nokia smartphones and Tablets by clicking here. Watch the new Android 13 features and changes in action in our hands-on video.

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