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Nokia EOS for AT&T, Laser for Verizon and Catwalk for T-Mobile. Well that makes sense !!



Above image was caught in a promo video of Lumia 920 at the time of launch. We all expected it to come as the next high-end device from Nokia. It may certainly come in future though :). Recently, 41 MP EOS and Aluminium body Lumia were supposed to be unveiled at MWC along with RM-860 for Verizon. Read our earlier coverage,



Also Chris Weber has talked about Nokia’s plan to bring High-end, Mid-range and Low-end devices in 2013 to AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.


Now for a change, The Verge has penned a sensible article 😛 (surprisingly without anything negative about Nokia)  about how Nokia has a complete WP8 device range now and how Microsoft should help Nokia and the Windows Phone platform. In the article they have also mentioned what looks much more promising than earlier rumors. They quote that Nokia EOS is heading to AT&T, while Nokia Laser aka Lumia 928 aka RM-860 is for Verizon and Aluminium body Nokia Catwalk will go to T-Mobile in Summer. This is totally in sync with the high-end strategy mentioned by Chris Weber.

About timing of launches, the FCC entry for RM-860 has got a confidentiality date till 08/14/2013, so don’t expect any high-end launch in near future, unless Nokia has other plans.



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