Today Nokia has introduced an update to Nokia Drive with much discussed Commute feature. This is the same version which is supposed to come with Windows Phone 8 to all the manufacturers. This seems to be a way to ensure the current Lumia owners by Nokia that they will be provided all possible future WP8 experience.

The new version of Nokia Drive is labelled as, so check for that version when you launch Windows Phone Marketplace.The first country where My Commute is going to be available is the United States.  As informed by Nokia there might be a publishing delay (1-2 days) on Windows Phone Marketplace in your country or region.

Top features of the new Nokia Drive as mentioned by Nokia are,

Make your commute smoother:

Nokia Drive with My Commute learns your driving preferences and uses information about the latest traffic conditions to help you choose between the different routes you usually take to get to the places you travel most. It even remembers when you usually leave, providing traffic updates along your route so you’ll know in advance whether there are delays or if you have time to stop by somewhere.

Automatic day/night mode for optimum visibility :

The app will automatically adjust your Nokia Lumia display for better viewing during day or night driving conditions, reducing potential distractions.

Pin to start: find your way with a tap:

You can now pin to start your favourite destinations for one-tap access to directions there. One tap on the start screen and you are all set to drive to your destination. No continuous search and browsing through different options and menus.

Check the demo video of new version of Nokia Drive,