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Nokia Clarity Pro  Review : HMD Global Returns to Supremacy



If you have been watching my earbuds review, then it is quite obvious that the Nokia P3600 is my favorite Bluetooth earbuds. Coming from the Nokia BH-605 which is made by HMD Global, the Nokia P3600  brought in many new features and allowed me to experience music like never before. It indeed took me by surprise seeing Rich Go producing quality earbuds which are a level higher than what HMD Global had to offer. So , I have been waiting for a come back from HMD Global, and the Nokia Clarity Pro might just be it.

Earbuds these days comes in different shapes, sizes, features and price bracket. So, the ideal earbuds is definitely a subjective opinion. For me, good earbuds have to be comfortable, good battery life, and sound great. Having a dedicated app to control or fine tune it would be a plus point. With that said, I will be sharing my thoughts on the Nokia Clarity Pro earbuds and answer the most important question, is it better than the P3600?

The Earbuds

Unlike the previous iteration of HMD Global made earbuds such as the Nokia BH-605 and BH-805, the Nokia Clarity Pro is certainly seems unrelated in terms of design and the hardware it packs. In fact, the Nokia Clarity Pro offers more than most other earbuds in the market. A radical change in design, combined[sp1]  with the eye catching blue halo notification light and updated hardware brings about a new dimension in audio listening experience. When compared to HMD Global’s previous top tiered earbuds , the Nokia BH-805, the Clarity Pro wins hands down in terms of hardware, features and comfort. In fact, the Nokia E3511 ANC which costs half of the BH-805 offers same experience in a compact form factor. The professional offerings from Rich Go,  the P3802A was designed to cater a different group all together, with a total of 6 microphone to offer unparallel audio clarity and quality over Bluetooth earbuds.

The real question is , does the Clarity Pro has what it takes to compete with the P3600? I have not tested any earbuds as extensive as I have with these two. The previous generations of HMD Global earbuds were no where near to what the P3600 has to offer and the distinction was really clear and apparent the moment you have them on. But with the Clarity Pro, things are not as easy. As diverse these two seem to be, the distinction isn’t that obvious.

The metallic charging case on the P3600 looks more premium compared to the mate black rubbery textured case of the Clarity Pro. But the case on the Clarity Pro is less prone for scratches and offers wireless charging. The earbuds themselves while look different, are about the same size and weight. While both of them have Bluetooth 5.2, low latency mode and ambient mode, the Clarity Pro offers ANC which is not available on the P3600. While you would expect the experience to be better on the Clarity Pro, this isn’t the case as the more ergonomic design of the P3600 allows better passive noise cancellation which brings both these buds on par. Both houses a responsive touch panel with a total of 2 microphones ,and both actually sound the same in general. It was so hard to pick which is better than the other that I had to spend hours of listening to finer details .Probably, the P3600 is louder and the variation in the pitch is more noticeable but to be honest, that’s just nitpicking on my side.

Having said all that, the best earbuds is probably the one you can get. You cant go wrong with either one. If you have a choice for both, then Nokia Clarity Pro will be the recommended one.

I share my thoughts on these in my video here which is rather lengthy as it is impossible to summarize it any shorter.


HMD Global is in the right track with the Nokia Clarity Pro. They have addressed the concerned that users had with the BH 805 and offer a  redesigned and better hardware with the Clarity Pro. But this doesn’t mean that the P3600 is less worthy as this earbud was launched a year earlier and seeing the benchmark set by the P3600, I can only expect for something greater from Rich Go for their next P series.

I hope you enjoyed the content here, do stay safe and healthy as always!


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