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Nokia Clarity Earbuds + Unboxing and Review: Still a Solid Buy in 2024.



It has been more than 2 years since HMD introduced series of their next generation TWS earbuds but the availability was very limited that it actually went unnoticed by many. The Nokia Clarity series emphasizes on quality audio output which is good for multimedia consumption and communication.

I have reviewed the Nokia Clarity Earbuds Pro and Nokia Clarity Earbuds 2 Pro before and while the latter packs more technology into it, the former was far more original in design and much more comfortable.

So, it took me by surprise to see the Nokia Clarity Earbuds + on sale, because there was not much news about it and the price was acceptable for what it has to offer.

Nokia Clarity Earbuds + aka Nokia TWS 731

By the model number, it is apparent that this sits below the TWS 8xx series which means its just one level down. Combined with shipping from South Korea, the Nokia TWS 731 retails at USD 35. For this price point, I cant help but to compare it to the more recent Baseus Earbuds that I reviewed earlier. While the Nokia packs for less tech into it, the quality can be appreciated easily given the similar price point. But, in all honesty, all other aspects are superior with the Baseus model.

The clamshell design, the rubbery matt black texture and the gentle curves around the edges gives the Nokia earbuds a very distinctive premium feel. The stem design is not really my cup of tea, as its often heavier, uncomfortable and many has had issues with charging the buds in time to come. So it took me by surprise that the TWS 731 , though with the stem design, sits well and is comfortable for extended usage.

The ear tip design helps to cancel much of the ambient sound and with the ANC/ENC mode on, the experience is much immersive than your regular earbuds. While it does not feature Qualcomm AptX like the more premium buds, the 13mm driver output is clear, with good reproduction of the low and high range and a decent bass experience. While it is not as loud as the other more premium buds, including the Baseus buds that I recently reviewed, the design coupled with the ANC mode on certainly gets the job done well.

Battery life with the ANC mode on is about 25 hours which is acceptable and Bluetooth 5.2 ensures a stable and solid connection.

The Nokia Clarity Earbuds + unboxing and review here :

I feel that HMD’s decision to announce a wide range of TWS models but make them less accessible for purchase is certainly a wrong move. Many of these buds would have sold well if it was introduced to the market early and on time. The Nokia TWS 731 is certainly not new and there are many other companies these days that are producing good earbuds across all price ranges.

Its probably a good strategy for HMD Global to bundle these earbuds with the purchase of a phone or a tablet so more people are aware of Nokia or HMD branded earbuds. And it is definitely a high time for HMD Global to introduce a dedicated app to fine tune the earbuds thus, leveling the game with other manufacturers.

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