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Great news for non-PureView Lumia device owners!! Nokia has officially brought Nokia Camera to all Lumia WP8 devices. Though, if you follow NPU, you may be running Nokia Camera on your devices already by using our tutorial, but nothing compares to official app, anyways.

The app is in Beta and you can install it on your Lumia by following the download link at bottom of the article. You can also give your feedback about Nokia Camera Beta by going to Nokia Beta Labs page and help Nokia in giving finishing touch to the Nokia Camera.

Just remember that your Lumia should be running Lumia Amber or Lumia Black for being able to install this application. Also the Beta labs page reveals that Lumia Black will not only bring DNG (RAW) support to Luma 1020, but also the ability to capture from lock-screen functionality i.e. even with key-lock pass code enabled (no need to enter key-lock code). That takes care of a big annoyance with camera use (from locked) on windows phone!

Download  Beta Labs

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