New NokiaStrange is the way, in which majority of tech media and their feeder sites misinterpret certain things. Some reports have been doing rounds regarding Microsoft dropping the Nokia branding ( As if that was not known, huh!! ) from future Lumia products.

Actually, it was a well-known fact, but big sites came up with fancy titles like “Microsoft killing Nokia branding” (Gimme a break, ignorance is certainly not bliss). How can anyone kill any brand if it doesn’t own it. Now, this has let Nokia to release a press statement saying “reports of our death are an exaggeration”!!

Some of today’s press reports related to rumours about Microsoft dropping the Nokia brand have declared the death of the Nokia brand.  But, to paraphrase Mark Twain, “reports of our death are an exaggeration.”  Yes, we have sold our mobile phone business to Microsoft.  But the Nokia of today is financially robust and has moved from weakness to strength. We have one of the world’s best telecom infrastructure businesses, a global leader in the mapping and location business, a stellar intellectual property portfolio and some of the finest innovation capabilities of any company anywhere.  Remember, Nokia started almost 150 years ago with just one paper mill. Over time we have repeatedly and successfully reinvented ourselves.  We may not be the same Nokia of several years ago, but we are here, we are strong, and our brand is very much still alive. Not to mention kicking!