Nokia-Treasure-Tag-featIt has been a long wait for Treasure Tag, the accessory which had been leaked even before Nokia World last year. Just sometime back its companion app was first leaked and then announced by Nokia in public. It is surprising though that Nokia didn’t wait till MWC to announce it. May be they just want to focus on Nokia X there.

NokConv mentions,

Attached to your keys, your bag, or even your wallet, the Nokia Treasure Tag, and your Lumia, will alert you when your valuables become separated.

Measuring  just 30 x 30 x 10mm (roughly the size of a match box) and weighing in at just 13g, the Nokia Treasure Tag is a small, perfectly formed accessory that everyone should own.

Pairing is simple. Either use NFC to connect, or search for the Tag within the Bluetooth* settings of your phone.

If you leave the house without one or the other, the two will emit a loud tone to alert you of this fact.

Nokia Treasure Tag will comes in four colours: cyan, yellow, white and black. With a recommended retail price of €24,90 ($29.90), Nokia Treasure Tag is expected to start selling in April to retailers globally.

Nokia Treasure Tag will work with Lumia phones that have the Lumia Black update. You need to download the companion app and one Lumia can be connected with up to four Treasure Tags. There will also be third-party applications for Treasure Tag to support Android and iOS devices. So, Is Nokia retaining the Treasure Tag post deal closure?