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Nokia AC Adaptor P6302 (20W) coming soon. Nokia Smart TVs coming to US market?


Nokia may launch another new product targeted at consumers soon. Nokia AC Adaptor P6302 with 20W power supply is listed at the official Nokia site in “Power” category of Nokia-branded Products.

We had recently reported about listings of Nokia Power Banks too. Even the support page is up for Nokia Power Banks and AC Adaptor. 

Listing link

Support Page link

Support page however shows that these products are supported in these Asian markets only: China, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. You can check Nokia AC Adaptor P6302 detailed specs and features below.

Nokia AC Adaptor P6302 Features:

High-speed charging

With a 20W power delivery, it’s three times as fast as a traditional 5W charger for your mobile devices

Power flow optimization

The power flow fluctuates while charging to maximize the longevity of your mobile device’s battery.

Reliable and Safe

Built-in smart circuitry protects against overcharging, short-circuiting, and voltage instabilities.

Nokia AC Adaptor P6302 Specs:

Input voltage range:90-264 vac
Normal voltage range:100-240 vac
Input frequency range:47-63Hz
Rated input frequency:50-60Hz
Max.input ac current:0.6A max
No-load power (At 115VAC/230VC):Less than 0.3W
Port output:Type-c 5V3A, 9V2.22A, 12V1.67A, 20w max
Support agreement:PD3.0/PD2.0
Turn on delay time:2S max. @ 115Vac to 230vac input & full load
Rise time:40mS max.at 115Vac input and output max load
Output overshoot / undershoot:5% max. When power supply at turn off/on.
Over voltage protection:The output voltage shall be clamped by internal protection IC.
Over temperature protectionIC requires built-in over-temperature protection. When IC temperature exceeds 135 degrees, it must stop output automatically.
Total output short circuit power:When the output is short circuit, the power is less than 5W, but it will not damage the product. After the short circuit disappears, it will return to normal automatically.
Another interesting bit that comes out is about Nokia Smart TVs may be making their way to the US market too. We have seen pages meant for US market and that may reveal Nokia planning to launch Nokia Smart TVs to the US market too.
Also, interestingly Smart TVs listed for US market are the ones exclusively available in Indian market and marketed by Flipkart. We will keep you updated when more information is revealed by Nokia.

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