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Nokia 9 PureView in 2023: Guide to Replace Parts – Part 1



Its been 4 years since the Nokia 9 Pureview was launched, and it is still quite a mystery to figure out how the internals performs underneath. This is somewhat of a full circle, as my journey to share my experience started with this device and now, this is a guide to help others out there to salvage the ageing device.

Nokia 9 Pureview

Many have asked me previously if there are recommendations for a quality third party battery and even replacement for the camera module. For many that have used the Nokia 9 Pureview before, can testify that , at its full potential, each click and processing might take up to 1% of its battery especially if you are taking multiple shots together. Hence, the eventual degradation of battery happens sooner than other devices.

As for the many issues with its camera, the ones that has bugged many are the mechanical buzzing sound that occurs with video recording, the wobbly effect due to malfunction of the autofocus motor for the camera and even the camera completely failing to launch.

Can we salvage the device?

There are many reasons to keep this device functioning to its full capacity, either because of its high resale value or even because of what the device means to you. My Nokia 9 Pureview had started to show signs of battery ageing and this particular unit has an issue with its focus motor causing wobbly effect to the image. Hence, it was the right time for me to search for quality parts to replace what can be replaced and to fix what can be fixed.

This is the first part of my video where I share my journey of fixing the Nokia 9 Pureview, and I take this opportunity to thank my good friend, Mr. Ang who will assist me in disassembling the device and replacing the parts.

Do stay tuned for my second part of the video where I share the outcome of this attempt.

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