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Nokia 6600, 20 years later: How to do more in 2023?



It is hard to believe that it has been 20 years since this iconic device was launched. Back in 2003, this was the most sought after smartphone by the consumers. The beautiful curves with its thick design still holds strong till this day. This particular model is special to me. It is the first Nokia device that I saved an entire year of pocket money to buy. It still looks amazing even after all these years.

Nokia 6600

This thick curvy device has features that were not found in other devices back in the day. Bluetooth 1.1 and even an infra red port. The early generation of Symbian S60 is considered the smart operating system of its time. With curated built in quality apps , with its simple multitasking abilities, the Nokia 6600 paved way to become the device of choice for professionals as well as for casual users alike. While the built in storage was just 6MB, the memory was expandable. These were the days where apps were in KB sizes! The 0.3MP rear camera snaps decent images and can even record a VGA quality video.

But, can we do more with this device in 2023? Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity and JAVA app support, the Nokia 6600 is capable of doing more than what it could back in the days. And it takes little to no effort at all to get the Nokia 6600 up and running. Unlike the previous hack tutorials I have shared before, there are plenty of JAVA based apps that could keep you engaged. Just download the files you need with you current smartphone and Bluetooth transfer them to the 6600 and you get to unlock the full potential of this iconic device!

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For all the readers and Nokia fans out there, it has been an incredible year for all of us. I hope that the year 2024 brings all of us what we need and blesses us with good health and success. Happy New Year and happy holidays!

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