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Nokia 3210 4G Review: The Legendary Classic Phone Reborn


Nokia 3210 is among the world’s best selling device that was introduced in 1999. The unique design and compact form factor differentiated Nokia devices than the competitors and played a crucial part in building confidence in the brand which lead to the rise and dominance of Nokia in the past.

The Classic Reboots

We have seen a few classic reboots from HMD in the past, starting with the Nokia 3210 3G and more recently the Nokia 8210 4G. These classic reboots are ideal as a backup device, a digital detox device and even devices for the youngsters or elderly who only wants to use it for calls or text only.

These devices are affordable, colorful, durable and yet beautifully crafted to remind you of the classics with a modern twist. But, probably, the Nokia 3210 4G is the device that would out do all their previous classics as this is the first classics reintroduced with the most awaited upgrade ever, the USB C charging port. This is one of the most requested feature by fans, as you now dont need to carry an extra cable to charge the device.

The Nokia 3210 4G

The Nokia 3210 4G comes in three beautiful color, blue, yellow and black. I am glad that the Nokia 3210 4G is built to be compact and not an oversized reboot like the Nokia 8210 4G. The device is much slimmer than the OG phone and feels much lighter yet durable. The yellow color here has a metallic looks to it and looks really gorgeous in the hands. The front of the device uses a combination of white and yellow color which gives it a very refreshing vibe. The 2.4 in display is sharp and the keypads are raised with good tactile feedback. HMD Global has squeezed in a 3.5mm headjack so you can listen to the music with a wired option. Speaking about music, the speaker on the device is loud and clear and there is a wireless FM function on board too.

The device that I have here is a dual sim variant with an expandable memory which you can use to store music files for your listening pleasure. Apart from the much appreciated USB C charging port, the Nokia 3210 4G also gets a 2MP camera with flash support unlike the OG device. Do take note that the camera app here is really fun with manual control and filter options.

You can watch my full review here:

The Nokia 3210 4G is certainly the best classic reboots to date that stays true to the OG device its meant to replace. The sleek and durable design along with a fast and responsive performance will definitely satisfy the users craving for a reliable backup device. Now that we have the much wanted USB C upgrade, maybe it is time for HMD to consider allowing third party app installation by end users which would definitely boost the device sales.

I am genuinely happy with the Nokia 3210 4G and for fans out there, this is definitely one for the collection.

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Shoutout to Daisy from HMD for sending this device over for a proper hands on review.

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