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Nokia 215 , Nokia 225, Nokia 235 Announced: Which one is for you?


The next generation of Nokia feature phones made by HMD was just announced. This trio of devices share a few similarities, from their colourful candybar design and 4G connectivity. But, which one would you want? Or, will you get one each?

A few years ago, having a feature phone might have been regarded as not up to date, but times have changed , and so are the perception and realization of consumers. The me time, the mental health, the separation from work and life, and the most important aspect, being physically and mentally available at the table or meet up.

Nokia’s Next Generation of Feature Phones

Most of us, silently curse the never ending sounds of notification of text or calls, on a weekend, or hoping that your child or friend would stop gluing their face on the mobile device at a meet up. Realizing this, many consumers are turning into feature phones and, it might be what you need to be you again.

And, it is about time that HMD revamped the feature phone segment with what it has needed all this while, the USB-C charging port!

Nokia 215, Nokia 225, Nokia 235

So, all these devices look refreshing with vibrant colors, have a simple candybar design, with Nokia branding on top and the HMD logo at the bottom. They offer 4G connectivity, powered by Unisoc T107 and running on the S30 + platform. All three devices has 128MB of storage and support memory expansion up to 32GB. These devices feature MP3 player and FM radio that can be used wired with the 3.5mm headjack or wireless and Bluetooth 5.0.

If you need a larger screen, the Nokia 235 and Nokia 215 will be ideal with its 2.8in LCD display compared to the 2.4in display on the Nokia 220. The Nokia 215 lacks camera but retains the torch function, while the Nokia 235 packs a 2MP camera which is an upgrade over the 0.3MP camera on the Nokia 220.All three devices are packed with 1450mAh battery, giving them a 9.8H of talk time.

Nokia 215 2024

The Game Changer?

But, which want should you get? Well, these might be slightly difficult to answer for markets in Europe and China, but it seems like the answer is quite obvious for markets like India perhaps. Reading on the fine print, it seems that the Nokia 235 4G will be having Cloud Features, that gives the device some access to Google related apps such as YouTube which sadly will not be available for the Europe or Chinese market.

I am really happy that Nokia branded feature phones are transitioning to USB C , finally! I think my next request would be the ability to hot swap the sim card between HMD smartphones and feature phones without the need of a sim ejector tool or to pry open the back cover.

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