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Nokia 125 2020 (TA-1253) images & full specs revealed via Tenna certification


We first reported about the existence of Nokia 125 2020 (TA-1253) via a retailer listing. Now, images and full specs of Nokia 125 2020 have been revealed as the phone passes Chinese Tenna certification.

Check the Nokia 125 2020 images gallery below.

Here are the major Nokia 125 2020 specs as revealed by the Tenna certification.

Network frequency GSM: 900MHz, 1800MHz
Number of screens 1
can choose colour Carbon black, gray
Dimensions 132 × 50.5 × 15 (mm)
weight 90.54 (g)
Color screen color depth 260,000
Carrying frequency band Dual frequency
Standard configuration One charger, one USB cable
Mobile phone format GSM
Internal screen parameters
External screen parameters
antenna Built-in
Terminal style Straight
Battery rated capacity 1020mAH
CPU frequency 0.26GHz
RAM memory capacity 4MB
operating system not support
Operating system version number
WAP function not support
GPRS function not support
Camera function not support
Number of cameras
JAVA function not support
storage of phone 4MB
Local connection method USB
Phone address book capacity 2000 (article)
EFR STK function stand by
Voice menu not support
Scene mode stand by
Supported supplementary services Number identification, call forwarding, call waiting, call holding
Emergency call 122,110,119,112,120
Call ringtone recognition not support
PUK2 not support
Alarm clock Support shutdown
calendar Support lunar calendar
Headphone port Independent port
Keyboard type T9 standard keyboard

In the leaked listing Nokia 125 2020 Dual-SIM variant is priced at EUR 36.90. The delivery time is mentioned as 2-4 weeks and the only color model listed here is Black.

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