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Nokia 106 2023 Reviewed: Best of Both Worlds!



I recently did a review on the latest 2023 edition of the Nokia 105 2G and 4G to understand how much they differ other than the obvious network band support. Essentially the 2G version offers improved battery life but with certain limitation that might not be a deal breaker for its targeted audience. The 4G version offers many more features but compromises on the battery endurance. Mind you, its still a multi day battery life that would easily exceed a week of standby time in between uses!

The Nokia 106 2023

HMD Global has decided to release yet another seemingly familiar device, the Nokia 106 which is only available for selected markets. On the surface, it looks quiet similar in offerings to the Nokia 105 , but exploring deeper, you realize why this device is created and who is it intended for.

In many markets around the world, the 2G network is still very much active, which means, if you are not into web browsing etc, this should have you covered while offering you better battery life.

But devices like the Nokia 105 2G has limitations , mainly due to its lack in expandable storage which limits many of the features found in the 4G variant. But what if you combine both of this variants to have an ultimate all rounder, providing good battery life with many more features?

You can catch my review here to know if the Nokia 106 has what it takes to entice you for a back up device.

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