rajeev_suri_1803 While the earlier report from Kauppalehti didn’t hold true to its promise of Nokia announcements today, a new report from another Finnish newspaper “Helsingin Sanomat” claims that Rajeev Suri will be named new Nokia CEO on Tuesday, 29th April.

Nokia is going to report its Q1 results and proceedings from closed Nokia-Microsoft deal on 29th April and the report from “Helsingin Sanomat” claims that apart from Nokia CEO name, dividend and future strategy will also be announced on Tuesday. The report further mentions that name of NSN may be abandoned in due course and there may be changes in “Board of directors” as well.

While Rajeev Suri as new Nokia CEO is more or less confirmed according to our sources as well, change in NSN’s name is something unheard of. In the meantime Nokia’s new website does mention NSN, HERE and Advanced Technology division separately and re-brands Nokia as the Technology leader.