Lumia 1320 cameraMore details are out for the three new Lumia devices found in Adduplex database. Seems, there are four unreleased devices in the report. Though we know about one of them, RM-1078, which we have seen passing through FCC with Sprint logo & bands, is a Lumia 635 variant and has been seen at Sprint (naturally).

The three new devices are:

RM-1069, RM-1070, RM-1071 family- 480×800 resolution, 4-inch display, with hardware buttons: Seen mostly in Asia

RM-1072, RM-1075 family- Mid-ranger with 720p resolution 5-inch display, seen mostly in Finland

RM-1062, RM-1063, RM-1064, RM-1065 family: looks like the Lumia 1320 successor with 5.7 inch screen and 720p resolution. Seen worldwide: Finland, US (AT&T) and some Asian countries