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N9 Hacks/Apps, Get widgets on your N9 !!


I know, everyone will agree, when I say that N9 has one of the most elegant and simple looking user interface ever seen on a smartphone. It has won heart of many users, tech journalists and other OS users alike. But as sometime back we discussed “customisation vs simplicity equation” will always be on end user’s mind. Many will give cutomisability upper hand in selecting their dream device some will go for simplicity. Symbian and Android are most customizable of OSes while IOS, Windows phone and N9’s Swipe OS has taken the simplistic approach.

So there are many out there who love N9’s for its elegant simplicity but also want it to be a bit customisable. So we are reporting two hacks/apps project which give widgets to N9’s interface.

This is the first one and we couldn’t find a name for this. Read the description given by developer below along with screenshots and download and source link,

Even if I love the N950’s UI with it’s 3 pages, I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of widgets. So I decided to implement (yet another) widget system. The widget system tries to be universal, and tries to be able to mimic any widgets interface. Currently, it mimics Maemo 5 widgets but at the end it will be able to mimic HTC sense, Samsung TouchWiz … Anything you want … The only drawback is that it is just an app.

Package : 0.1.0 stable version Download it here Source code : Source code on gitorious

To unlock widgets, you have to pinch out, and to lock, you have to pinch in.

Source Link


At least this application has got a name. It is known as WidgetCanvas. Read the description given by developer below along with screenshots and download and source link.

WidgetCanvas is an application to bring desktop widgets to Harmattan. It does not add or edit any system homescreen, so it must be kept running and will be shown in multitasking view. It has 5 desktops which can be customized at will with any of the available widget. To change desktop, simply swipe it away left or right: since it uses a ListView, it’s not possible to move from desktop 1 to desktop 5 and viceversa, but there is a scroll bar in the toolbar to instantly to the desidered desktop. Wallpaper is a 1200*818 picture. There is a parallax effect to move it according to current desktop. It is possible to show the application whenever the screen is unlocked. In case of a call and triggered proximity sensor, there is a failsafe control not to overlap call screen. Widgets know if the application is the foreground one and if the current desktop is the one they’re in, so they behave accordly without wasting cpu.

Download version 0.0.2 here.

Current Available Widgets:

  • Analogic Clock: a simple analogic clock. Has option to choose color, show seconds and moving animation.
  • Application Shortcut: shortcut for applications. It has an alpha black background.
  • Backlight Control: widget to pick backlight level (5 values).
  • Borderless Application Shortcut: application shortcut which does not show any background
  • Digital Clock: a digital clock.
  • Fast Note: a quick space to put notes in.
  • Flick Random Image: a random flickr image. Click on widget to refresh it.
  • Internet Radio: your favourite internet radio available with a tap.
  • Uptime Label: shows the current uptime of device.
  • Web Bookmark: a web bookmark which updates its miniature directly from the web page.

Source Link

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