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MS puts “Low-light in the limelight” with Lumia 928. Launches “Stunner vs Bummer” challenge and releases cool infographic!!


It is rather great to see Microsoft throwing its full weight behind promoting Lumia 928. They have chosen amazing “Low light capability” of Lumia 928 for highlighting, something on the lines of Apple promoting one major feature of iPhone at a time. Clearly Low-light imaging is something where Lumia 928 has a clear lead over others with OIS and Xenon flash, hence MS has rather aggressively launched a “Stunner vs Bummer” challenge where you are invited to pick best low light picture out of three in a set. Contenders obviously are Lumia 928, SGS 4 and iPhone 5. There are such three sets. Lumia 928 obviously takes the crown every time.


Wanna participate in this challenge, click here.

Also, over the Lumia 928 page on official Windows Phone site, they have released a very cool infographic ,which shows why low-light imaging is so much important!!

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