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Rumor: Microsoft is working on a Mid Range metallic Lumia



Few days to go for Microsoft’s event were they are  getting ready to announce the long-awaited flagship phone the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, However Microsoft is also working on many more Windows Mobile aside from these flagship.

We know that aside from these two flagships phone, There is also an affordable Lumia 550, which is also expected to be part of the October 6 event.

Now WMPU claims a new rumor which confirms Microsoft is also working on another affordable flagship which is not a successor to the Lumia 830. The rumor remains scarce in details and we have reported about a Metal Surface Phone in works before, though we don’t know the rumor is talking about the same device.

The thing which is interesting about this new Lumia is its metal frame desgin which is almost similar to Lumia 930.

A metal Lumia which is not a flagship phone.

However this Lumia stated to be metallic frame but it won’t be an high end model, but Microsoft is expanding its mid range segment, so it maybe an indirect successor to the Lumia 830

Well we know that Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella touted that they will cover three different phone categories – Value, business (mid-range), and high-end. Looks like Microsoft idea is already taking base as the Lumia 950 and 950 XL will one of the high-end model, We assume that upcoming metallic frame Lumia will be in Mid-Range family and the upcoming Lumia 550 could be the new affordable Windows 10 Mobile.

However this isn’t yet confirmed that a new Lumia which will pack a premium feel is not to get a flagship tag, This will more clear on October 6 event when Microsoft could actually provide more details on their new plan

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