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Lumia 625 has been on pre-order and sold out at Snapdeal, but now it gets listed at official Nokia Shop indicating release in 1-2 weeks. Price is not revealed yet, but Nokia will not price it aggressively like Lumia 520 but it will be closer to Lumia 720 pricing according to some random tips. So, expect a official price of Rs 17599-18599.

UntitledLumia 625 link

Another news is about Lumia 925, which is now in stock at Nokia shop and the official price is revealed to be Rs 34169, which is bit more than what Flipkart and other retailers have it for. But, official price is usually more than what one can get from retailers, though Lumia 925 is in stock at only Nokia Shop for now.

Untitled1Thanks sri_tech for the tip. Cheers!!

Lumia 925 link

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