Home Reviews Lumia 1520 reviews round-up. Display, Performance & Camera win praises. Benchmark scores.

Lumia 1520 reviews round-up. Display, Performance & Camera win praises. Benchmark scores.


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So, reviews for Lumia 1520 from various sites are in. Most of them are positive and we will only cover positive ones (We just hate negativity). Though in the meantime, we are also trying our best to bring you some kind of hands-on impression of the device (Nokia, are you listening?)


Quite positive! Terms Lumia 1520 “the best Windows Phone device yet”. Camera quality wise they rate it second only to Lumia 1020 and that’s a big compliment.

Sure, you’re not going to get as many details in the 19-megapixel stills as you would in the 38MP images that were taken by the Lumia 1020, but what you get in the 1520 camera still far surpasses anything else on the market today. In other words, you may have to sacrifice just a small amount of the quality you can enjoy on the 1020, but we have a feeling it won’t matter to the vast majority of users — especially if you aren’t trying to replace your point-and-shoot.

Engadget has also posted benchmark scores of Lumia 1520 as compared to Lumia 1020 and 925. As expected, Snapdragon quad-core 800 processor aces the benchmarks.


Rates it very high. Says,

The Nokia Lumia 1520 has to be the best Windows Phone 8 handset on the market. It’s certainly the best Lumia we’ve used to date. That’s not just thanks to the reassuringly high quality build, but also thanks to the new Black OS.

Mentions following as “For”,

Excellent build, fantastic camera and options, beautiful screen, good battery life, Glance screen, Black OS will bring plenty more with it – including raw file capture from camera.


Review is really positive and again display, build quality, camera gets lots of praises.

The same is the case with the Lumia 1520, but this time it’s the size that serves as the differentiators. Windows Phone fans now have a phablet to call their own. One that offers a gorgeous display, smooth performance and impressive battery life. It’s also very well-balanced for such a hefty device — the Lumia 1520 weighs almost twice as much as an iPhone 5s — and it features Nokia’s standard sleek smartphone design and smooth polycarbonate case.

Slashgear has posted some really good imaging samples. Have a look at one of them,

They mention,

Initial samples are impressive. Nokia has condensed its various camera apps into a single piece of software, thankfully, the simply titled Nokia Camera, with a straightforward layout of radial controls for things like ISO, white balance, and shutter speed.

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