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Lumia hints and Rumors round up: PureView Lumia announcement teased, 4.7 inch thinner Lumia Phi rumored.


Guess what? Nokia has teased PureView Lumia related announcement to be made in next coming weeks :). On its Twitter account in reply to the question “whether PureView will be in next Lumia”, Nokia replied saying “Just keep your eyes and ears open in the next coming weeks”.

Well as far we know, it was difficult for the Windows Phone operating system to support the full-blown 41 MP sensor as Qualcomm chips can support only up to 21/22 MP sensors. So while the 41 MP PureView Lumia phone may still need some time to come, may be we can see a PureView Lumia with a sensor of around 20 MP which can still be good enough for competition and at the same time help in keeping device thinner.

If you remember the leaked 41 MP PureView Lumia from Nokia’s presentation slide, you can see the huge bump and a curvy design , which many liked and many disliked at the same time. We know, Nokia wouldn’t like to make Lumia devices as a niche device and will rather go with smaller sensor till the time they can make “Graphene sensors” or by some means decrease size of the hump.

There are rumors floating around since the time the yellow Lumia with Lumia 800’s design language got leaked on the internet. Many are now terming it as Nokia Phi with largest screen of all the rumored WP8 Lumia devices to be announced. Now, Rumor king “Eldar Murtazin” has chipped in saying that the above mentioned Lumia Phi has 4.7 inch screen and that its AMOLED display is very high quality. He also notes that this device will be of the same design family but thinner than both Lumia 800 and 900. It will also be equipped with a slot for memory cards, NFC module and will be a LTE device.

Well, what can we say? Just take this rumor with a pinch of salt, as we have also seen two leaked frames earlier and while they are seemingly 4 and 4.3 inch in size, the above leaked image doesn’t look like a 4.7 inch screen to me. But then who knows, what tricks are up Nokia’s sleeve. Keep your fingers crossed and hopes high :).

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