TIM Italy has confirmed over its Twitter account that Lumia 920 is finally coming into three colors Red, White and Black on 12th November.

However, there was a Nokia WP 8 phones presentation event organised by Nokia and Microsoft for TIM only. A source of Plaffo.com was present at the venue though and he has revealed very interesting tidbits about Lumia 920’s innovative features.

  • According to the presentation, the image stabilizer is not used with springs as is the common understanding. Rather the lens inside, is floating in a special liquid that guarantees image stabilization even under difficult movement conditions.

  • Sensitive Touch technology used on the smartphone can be disabled as it consumes a little more the battery of the device.

  • Other info that we can give you the wireless charging through.Complete charging of the device using a wireless battery charging is done in a time of around 20% higher than the classic one with microUSB cable.