I saw this firmware for Lumia 900 on NaviFirm sometime back, but didn’t report because it was only available for Finland. Now what seems like “validation of the theory that availability on NaviFirm precedes the release”, Esphoneblog.com reports that Lumia 900 with the above mentioned Tango/WP7.5 refresh firmware is now available in stores. Obviously it has internet sharing/Tethering out of the box.

The source also claims that sales will begin officially on 25th May and the price is currently 529 EUR at Giganti.

More from the source,

Here are the versions found on this phone:

  • OS Version: 7.10.8773.98
  • Firmware revision number: 2175.1601.8773.12141
  • Hardware revision number: 112.1914.2.0
  • Radio software version:
  • Bootloader version:
  • Chip SOC version: