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Lumia 620 tops SGS III and HTC 8S in the Browser benchmarking tests done by GSMArena.




This is really very impressive feat for Lumia 620. Running on the same amount of RAM, the same dual-core Krait processor, and even the same WVGA screen Lumia 620’s browsing performance has been fond to be much better than HTC 8S. In fact it beats even Samsung Galaxy S III in both the “Browser Benchmarking tests” done by GSMArena. It is pretty close to Lumia 920 and 820 in terms of raw performance.

GSMArena has done a preview of the device and are mighty impressed with the package called “Lumia 620“. Have a look at their conclusion.

We really like what we’ve seen from the Nokia Lumia 620 so far. The smartphone is decently quick, has a nice youthful styling and arguably gives the best bang for your buck in the Microsoft camp. It’s more than certain that the flashy paint jobs will resonate with a younger demographic, but it’s exactly the target audience Nokia and Microsoft would want to get on board.

By the way, if Nokia gave the Lumia 620 a slightly more serious styling, it would have probably killed the HTC 8S. Instead, the Finns made it possible for the two smartphones to co-exist, thus giving the platform as a whole a better shot at growth.

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