[embedit snippet=”fluids”]Nokia Lumia 1320

So, today is October 22nd, the day of Nokia World and evleaks’ tap is still leaking droplets of image renders. Lumia 1320 which was earlier rumored as Lumia 929 variant arrives as a different device altogether.

It doesn’t look like having a high-megapixel camera judging from back, but has three column of mid-size tiles which according to Joe Belfiore belongs to only phablets with 1080p resolution. Also one can see Nokia Camera application which has been available to only PureView devices till now in form of “ProCam”. So, may be it is the mid-range offering from Nokia with 1080p display, 8 MP camera.

But naming of the Lumia 1320 will put it as a higher end than all devices but Lumia 1520. So, why the poor Lumia 929 has to come as Lumia 929 when it is obviously the second big flagship in Lumia range.  May be a spec leak about Lumia 1320 answers these questions, or Lumia 929 may come as 1420 or 152X, who knows?

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