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Live reporting from Nokia’s MWC webcast here :) Lumia 900 global, Lumia 610, Asha 202, 203, 302 announced.


So friends here are the main points from the Nokia’s keynote at MWC,

  • Asha product in 100 markets.

  • 3 Lumia phones released ahead of schedule in last year, 31 market already. In Russia Lumia 800 no. 1 smartphone.

  • Mary (VP mobile devices)  taking the stage now .Three new Asha devices 202, 302,203 announced. 202 and 203 touchphone and keypad.

  • Life skills tools for Asha range being described. Learn english, financial communication and much more.

  • 45 games free coming with Asha 202,203

  • 60 euro for 202,203. shipping in one week.

  • 302 is qwerty touchpad.push email, social, 1 GHz, 14.4 MB download speed. cloud accelerated nokia browser.

  • 95 Euros for 302 and shipping now.That’s amazing.

  • Elop back now.

  • Lumia 900, LTE in april in Canada.

  • Jo VP of smartphone taking the stage.

  • Dc HSPA double the speed of HSPA will come with Lumia 900 global version. New Lumia drive announced with full offline capability. Nokia reader and news-stream new apps announced as well.

  • Skype now available to download for video calls in windows marketplace. Go rush people.

  • 256 MB windows phone announcement done.

  • Lumia 610 announced. Most affordable till date.

  • Nokia maps,drive, music, transport preloaded on Lumia 610

  • Lumia 900 480 euro, shipping in Q2

  • Lumia 610 189 euro shipping in Q2

  • Symbian next. Belle downloaded by over 1 million. 808 pure view announced .lots of cheer.

  • 41 mega pixels, biggest sensor, new pixel over sampling technology. 7 pixel condensed in 1 mega pixel. amazing sharpness guaranteed.

  • True zoom without losing the quality.

  • First smartphone with nokia rich recording.CD like quality. Dolby recording tech.

  • Pure view just a begining .To come on many devices in future.


  • 808 pure view retail price estimated 450 euros,coming in May.Wow !!
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