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Live Blog: #lumia#925 announced!!


In some time the webcast for Nokia London event where they are expected to announce Lumia 925 will go live. You can the highlights by following our live blog or can go ahead and enjoy webcast on the NokConv link.

And it goes live……………almost!!

Jo Harlow and Stefan take the stage.

Stefan from product design Talking about ……… The device getting its due we suppose!!

Lumia 925 announced. Coming with some advancement in lens.


4.5 inch AMOLED display. 8.7 MP Camera with OIS!!

Wireless charging cover or enabling wireless charging cover.

Camera lens delivers 8 MP images normally but in smart camera mode delivers 5 MP images.

Hipsmatic apps comes to Windows Phone. And you can share your pictures to Instagram using Hipsmatic!!

Nokia smartcamera takes multi shots and lets you choose the best one. Action shots gives you sense of motion with many shots.

So, looks like it is slimmed and thinned version of Lumia 920.

Vodafone is major launch partner in Europe for Lumia 925. Comes to T-Mobile in US.

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