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Lots of Jolla related bytes. The official Jolla smartphone sales has begun today and below image shows first lucky customer with the smartphone.

Jolla has also released the product guide for its smartphone, which can be accessed by clicking here. An official hand-on video is also out and gives a quick peek into most of the Jolla functionality. Watch the video below,

They have also provided further availability info,

Sales of Jolla phones will begin on the 27th of November 2013 to pre-order customers in priority order. All pre-order customers in the EU, Norway and Switzerland in both 1st and 2nd pre-booking campaigns will be served in the priority order they have placed their original orders.

After this, Jolla phones will be available through jolla.com direct online sales. Jolla will be initially available in the EU, Norway and Switzerland. Jolla will also be available from DNA Kauppa -stores in Finland this year. Please stay tuned for the latest updates on availability in other regions!

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