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Job posting reveals Microsoft planning custom Windows Phone 8.1 experience for China


Home-page-hero-Lumia-638-1500x1500-jpgChina, the largest smartphone market has been elusive to Nokia and Microsoft largely till now. Microsoft realizes this and also knows about the potential that China market with over one billion mobile subscribers possesses. That’s why, Microsoft seems to tackle this situation by making a new team called “OSG China Engineering team” and planning to customize Windows /  Windows Phone experiences to suit Chinese taste. From a job posting,

We are forming a new team in China, OSG China Engineering team, focusing on delivering China-market specific Windows features and products across different form factors on PC/Phone/Tablet to succeed more broadly in China.

The roles & responsibilities reveal something called Windows Phone SHELL experiences. This Shell experience will extend to Tablets as well. The key here looks like “China specific features and products with innovations” though.

We are looking for a strong technical development manager in the mobile space to build China specific features and products with innovations to lead us to win this market. The development manager will be responsible for,
•Design and implementation of delightful Windows Phone SHELL experiences for China market
•Areas including Phone and Tablet shell experiences, Personalized device experiences and Cortana integration
•Quality control. The deliverables from this team would be customer-ready
•Working with partner teams in China and Redmond to align up the technical dependencies
•Working with PM team on planning and milestone definitions
•Leading and growing dev team with strong execution


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