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The Zauba Import records for India reveal one more Dual-Sim device with product code RM-980. Interestingly, this one has a 4-inch display, so it can be a Lumia, but hold on! It is valued at only INR 3197, which puts it into Asha 5XX devices category. Yes, we know that INR 3197 is the pricing for prototype without taxes but if you check quoted prices for all other Lumia prototypes on Zauba.com, even Lumia 520 has been priced close to 7000 INR during testing period.

So, we will still assume it to be the next Asha 5XX flagship with a first for the range, 4-inch display size. As the Lumia display sizes are going to only increase from here, so Nokia may be taking a practical step of bringing Asha with 4-inch display to masses. It may be a big hit with sub-8000 pricing. If it is a Lumia, then Nokia may be planning to launch two dual-sim Lumia devices including earlier revealed RM-977 with 4.5 inch display.

Thanks Singhnsk for the Tip. Cheers!!

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