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“International Forum Design” awards Nokia with seven design awards for the year 2012.



It takes lots of creativity, courage and bold attitude to wow experts and masses alike with new designs. In a time when everyone and their mother was busy copying “Black and White Rectangular icons and devices“, Nokia opted to be original, creative with design and tech and really bold with colors and for that reason many beautiful colors. Have a look at Lumia devices and you will understand what I mean :).

So, First of all we would like to congratulate Nokia for winning seven design awards by “International Forum Design“, one of the most prestigious design awardees organisation  based in Hanover, Germany. For sixty years this organization has assembled a jury of renowned designers from across the globe. These experts look at thousands of products, every year, to decide which deserve to be recognized for outstanding achievements in design.

This year Nokia has won a staggering seven awards for the below products,

The Nokia Lumia 800

The Nokia Lumia 920

The Nokia Wireless Charging Plate

The Nokia Wireless Charging Stand

The Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-118

The JBL PlayUp for Nokia

The JBL PowerUP for Nokia

It is really well deserved recognition of the great work done by Nokia’s design team in giving us collection of most beautiful devices and accessories. Bravo !!



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