The Windows Phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is Inst@tic. This is the first and most fully featured Instagram statistics app for Windows 10. Where other Instagram statistics apps stop Inst@tic will continue. Showing information about your own account and those of others you’ve never known about. Check out the app details and features below.

Name: Inst@tic
Developer: Virgil Wilsterman

Standard Price: $2.49
Promotion Price: $0.00

Start date: 6th October
End date: 7th October

Inst@tic Features:

Basic features:

  • – Get notified when someone unfollows you
  • – Save posts to your device
  • – Multiple account support
  • – Find users
  • – Follow/unfollow

Community features:

  • – Track lost/new followers and followings
  • – View followers and followings
  • – View users that follow you but don’t follow you back
  • – View users that you follow but don’t follow you back
  • – View users that you follow and follow you back
  • – View Ghost Followers (users that never like any of your posts)
  • – View Secret Admirers (users that liked your posts but don’t follow you)
  • – View Suggested Followings (users you might be interested in following)
  • – View Unique Likers (view all users that liked some of your posts)

Top ratings features:

  • – View your top/worst liked posts
  • – View your top/worst commented posts
  • – View users that like you the most – View users that commented the most
  • – View all your likes & comments and search by user

Profile viewer features: When viewing someone elses profile you will be able to see their top ratings and stats about this user. You can even compare your stats to the user you are viewing. You are also able to see which of your posts they have liked.

Statistics features: 50 charts where you can see the history of your account by year, month or day. Export your data to csv for analysis in a tool like Excel or Power BI


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