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Installing WhatsApp on Nokia X. Rooting the Nokia X using Framaroot | Techmesto


Latest: Try this tutorial for getting WhatsApp Plus working on your devices (If nothing else works)

Try our video tutorial for two working solutions for using WhatsApp on Nokia X range of devices by clicking here.

You can try these two workarounds solutions for getting WhatsApp on your Nokia X, if no other solution mentioned below works for you.

Here is one more tutorial which can help you in using any version of WhatsApp on Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL

Nokia-X-Dual-SIMYou can try older WhatsApp versions on Nokia X, in case the 1Mobile Market WhatsApp version is also not supported. Click here for more.

Nokia X is here and here are two quick tutorials from Techmesto! First one is about installing WhatsApp on Nokia X, which for now is missing from Nokia store. But you can go ahead and install the ‘WhatsApp for Android’ from web on your Nokia X. it is pretty easy to install apps not available on Nokia store on Nokia X. What you need to do is to open Settings, scroll down and tap on security —>Here, tick the box in front of Unknown Sources–>Accept the warning.

Click here to go through full tutorial. If this is not working for you, You can also try our other tutorial on How to install WhatsApp, Instagram & other apps from 3rd party stores. You can watch our Nokia X and Nokia XL hands-on videos including unboxing, UI demo, full settings walk-through, native apps and review etc by clicking here and here. Catch the full Nokia X and Nokia XL coverage including extensive hands-on, camera comparison, display test, gaming and full review by clicking here and here.

Second tutorial is meant for powerusers and it is about rooting the Nokia X using Framaroot. As mentioned above, it is pretty easy to install apps not available on Nokia store on Nokia X. You can download Framaroot.apk file and root your device. Click here to go through full tutorial.

Nayan has more than 10 years of experience of covering Technology and innovations. He is a big Nokia fan and Tech disruptions aficionado. He loves to review new cool gadgets and writing about Android, iOS, Gadgets and general Technology stuff. He has been associated with other well-known Tech sites WinCentral and GadgetOx since long. He currently sports a Lumia 950 XL and Nexus 5X. Other interests include listening to Nu-Metal Hits and Kick-Boxing. Write to him at Email: [email protected]
  • can u help me, I have nokia x2 dual it can’t support google playstore. plz help me

    • Kamal

      It won’t support Google playstore unless rooted, which is risky.

  • Lucky Arora

    what the hell is this NOKIA X.. this is not less than a dung i would say.. I hate NOKIAX… and wont ever ever use any handset of Nokia.. with this Whatsapp problem, Nokia loosing their customers.. but still they are not getting this is like they fkng are sleeping.. uff. jus feeling like to throw it to the wall .. I hate NOKIA X

    • Mezmix

      New whatsapp version is not working on NOKIA X, Whatsapp + 6.06 not working ! Nothing is working on this fkng stupid neo android phone !!!! I’ve tried all the solutions in vain :

      – whatsapp 2.11.238 not working
      – whatsapp + 6.06 not working (sms confirmation not working, it says that this whatsapp version was modified)

      I’ll throw this phone directly and hardly on a wall !

      • go on google and download whatsapp for android it and follow the instruction it very easy.i just did that

  • monika

    what a phone is nokia x is nw it is coming it is obsolete whatsapp+ what to do

    • Lucky Arora

      nothing to do except throw it on a wall and walk away to buy a new good handset but dont ever by this shit NOKIA handset.. i did the same

  • parvez

    i like and purchased number of nokia phones, i love windows phone,but the worst nokia xl disappointed me very badly

  • somenath das

    i have nokia x . i installed wattsup in my mobile but i cannot save any picture from message box…. plz. give me proper suggestion plz. kamal help me.
    my e mail id is …..,. mobile no …..

    • Kamal

      Please avoid sharing ur contact no. in comments for your own good.

      • somenath das

        thanks kamal so plz tell me the proper way.

  • Zeid
  • Kamal

    Try our video tutorial for two working solutions for using WhatsApp on Nokia X range of devices by clicking here.

    • deepa

      THis scrap mobile nokia x…has again started … ur whatsapp version will stop workingin 14 days… what the hell

      • kamal

        whats app not support NOKIA X Dual Sim

  • billy

    Man thanks people only think that works is vimal direct approach from web page .after two days I have whats up. please read above nd use the link

  • lasanthi

    again not working whatsapp in this device nokia xl

  • tsh3pza

    Works… I went the widget route… Hold onto the whatsapp icon for a while and add a widget. Relief

  • nidhi

    I am ny satisfied with this phone…….

    Whatapp not running ……..what to do pls tell me..
    Tell me the procedure….widest is not showing anything

    • Kamal

      Just tap on widget’s top part and it will open whatsapp, simple 🙂

      • deepa

        pls. tellme how to set the reminder in nokia says..add account BBm or corporate??? what the hell… such a complicated procedure…. for jstu setting a reminder

        • Kamal

          Just add a hotmail account and you shud be good to go.

  • Kamal

    Here is one more tutorial which can help you in using any version of WhatsApp on Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL.

  • techno_luv

    All nokia x user use whatsApp Plus works perfectly n easy to update as well.. I hv tried it n its workin.

    • Lucky Arora

      Very sad ….not happy with my Nokia X as it is not supported with Whatsapp which is the most essential app today. I tried with diffrent diffrent method and using stores but its not working.. regretting to buy Nokia X

  • I ve never hated Nokia like this time! I ve never used any phone apart from nokia. Now the phone is frustrating me! Even through the 1 mobile market,whatsapp is still not working!

    • there r 2 ways 2 use latest whatsapp version on ur nokia x….
      1. Install nova launcher and then go to menu>widgets>whatsapp unread msg (tile icon showing msgs) , Long press it and move to your home screen, this shortcut perfectly works. dont cretate shortcut of “whatsapp (original icon)” or “Whatsapp camera widget”

      2. if u want to use original tile theme then long press the whatsapp icon… then u will get 2 icons at bottom, press the right one … scroll down and select whatsapp tile showing msgs (not the original whatsapp icon), the whatsapp unread msg wight will be added to ur home screen. Now here is a trick, if u tap at the white msg area of the icon u will again get a “device not supported” msg but if u tap the grey header of the tile contacting whatsapp icon….then u will see magic…. Whatsapp launches…..

      • Hei friends…those who r facing trouble to use whatsapp on nokia x and is tips that will let you use whatapp in your nokia x..xl..

        first of all istall the whatsapp.apk in your nokia.x..xl..
        then confirm your no..
        after completion of the installing and verifyng process there will be a will say your device is not supported..

        #‪#‎here‬ is the trick u can use..close the app..go to your mobile all your mobile contacts in your phone..then search for a friend which have a whatsapp account..then simply click on the contact..u will se that there is a whatsapp icon below the contact no..just click on that icon..n send messge to your frnd..## don.t forget to turn on your data service.. have fun… ### ..

        By B Ka Sh ##

  • mukesh

    All Nokia X User same proble…. Dont buy Nokia X!!!

  • Zafran

    Can Any One Help ? I bought Nokia XL, but surprise whatsAPP dosent Support.
    I tried many ways but no solution .

    • may nem is biswajit roy so plz all may all frind … Nokia WhatsApp is not supported

    • Sreeram

      It supports my buddy…. install it and long press on desktop .. add wideget of any whatsapp group or contact on ui screen . You can launch watsapp like that.

  • Imran

    dear all nokia x user just go tge google and type whatsapp+ apk
    and download the apk file and install it it will work perfectly….

  • gireesh

    Amazing.. what’s app+ is superb for nokia x

  • ahmed

    after installing my friend send notification i open it and working

  • Rakesh Rawat

    whatapp udate error anyone known how is it fix error

  • Vishal

    its working as whats app+…

  • sharma

    Can open only via fast lane

  • Kamal

    Hey All, there are two more workarounds and these will help you in using WhatsApp on Nokia X. also Nokia says WhatsApp and Nokia will sort out the situation soon,


  • Sanjay Kalseke

    Could you please help me out i am still not getting my whatsapp
    just got the nokia x phone a week back once it said to update whatsapp on 9thJune 2014 night i tried a lot via various markets all the possible option neither the operating system needs a updats please help me out

  • Hi,
    Nokia X is no more supporting Whatsapp after the upgrade of whatsapp…
    Is there any workaround for this ? would you please share.

  • jennifer

    Could you please help me out i am still not getting my whatsapp
    just got the nokia x phone a week back once it said to update whatsapp on 8th June 2014 night i tried a lot via various markets all the possible option neither the operating system needs a updats please help me out

    • Hari

      open it from your notifications. It worked

      • jay patel


      • sam

        Hey guys need watsapp in ur Nokia x,xl ….so here i wav an easy n cool way for u all…here i am talking about watsapp plus i hav tried it in my nokia xl n it works superb… u need watsapp so install watsapp plus which works juz like our well known watsapp even watapp plus have more added features n loads of themes…
        STEPS 🙂
        >first u need to install official watsapp to ur device and register ur no.
        >once it is install it will pop up that unsupported device n watsapp will automatically do one thing go to ur home page then tell ur friend to msg u on ur watsapp.
        >so ull get notification on ur fastlane. go through it n open ur watsapp.
        >once it is opened go to settings n backup it.
        >then uninstall official watsapp and install watsapp plus(you will get it on google)
        >once u installed watsapp plus open it. Automatically it will be registered u also need to install ur backup file when is ask to restore… will take few secconds ….

    • vimal

      Hai just install wattsup plus it will work fine….follow the link…

  • manoj

    open it by ur notification. It will work.!

  • Dadu

    don’t know how..!! suddenly its started working,,yippeeeee.

  • Dadu

    Even same Problem here….!!!
    after getting solution please post Answer.

  • Kuldeep

    Same problem l m faceing give me solution

  • I just updated it from Google Play, Got error “Device is not supported” on opening but it’s work when new message is coming O.o?

  • Sreeram

    CALM DOWN buds.. nokia has never cheated nor it will eventhough i hate Nokia… I am a die hard Samsung fan.. So here is what you have to do
    Step 1: Download whatsapp from whatsapp site (the original one) you can get it by googling it.
    Step 2: Install the software and enjoy the world of whatsapp

    Note : In some X platforms the new whatsapp cant be opened from the ICON on UI,so i prefer keep a notification of whatsapp in your fastlane so that you can easily access Whatsapp. For more help mail me @ [email protected]

    • deepa

      thanks sreeram.. ur idea clicked…accessing whatsapp thru fastline… not thru the icon.. it is owrking… thanks dear…. thanks so much..i almost thought 7500 rupoees+ the protection cover 400+ the new micrsim 150 = 8050 rupees gone down the drain…..

  • Kamal

    Guys, I can understand your frustration, but you need to reach to Nokia / Microsoft as well with your complaints. Here we are trying to give you workarounds but ideally solution should come from Microsoft as they own Nokia X now.

    Either try this,

    Don’t update if prompted as you will lose it and this is a old version.

    Or try this,

    If anyone of you can also try it installing from any other 3rd party store and let us know that will be great.

    • deepa

      Nokiacare ppl say no whatsapp on nokia x for a week due to updations by nokia and microsoft…only after a week

    • deepa


      THE MOST PATHETIC EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE….struggling with whatsapp on a NOKIA X… 5 days after i bought the phone…HORRIBLE PHONE…

      worked for a while and now again the same problem started since morning….

      Please FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE ….. take back YOUR NOKIA X sets and give us something better in exchange…. don’t mind paying more but want to get rid of this set…but the NOKIA X MUST BE TAKEN BACK AT THE SAME PRICE IT WAS GIVEN TO US….a dabba phone…


  • deepa

    even framaroot din’t work…NOKIA…HAS CHEATED ALL OF US….

  • nick

    My whatsapp is not working after 09_06_2014 in Nokia x

  • fatimah

    Unable to upgrade my whatsap in 1 market. Please help


    I have upgraded the Whats app, but now it is showing device not supported. How can I restore my old version…please reply urgently

    • Kamal

      Try one from 1Mobilemarket.

      • saikumar

        I had alrdy installed whtsapmayn may 9th in my nokia X mobile.Bt nw it is asking fr the update
        if I click update the same was repeating
        I uninstalled it nd downloaded again
        But there was no use of it
        Plz tel me how to update it.. plz

  • ashim

    Plz….root your phone and then take the whats app

  • Drish

    It says my whatsapp version is old and will expire on 9 june , pls upgrade but there is no such upgrade thing avalibe in nokia store and 1mobile..pls help

    • Arun

      Hi, Not able to understand how to install Whatsup in Nokia XL plat form, when ever i tried to instal it from google play or 1 mobile market getting a error called device is not supported, kindly help on this

    • deepa

      even i am wondering what to do…. i think the best option is not to upgrade it and just keep using hte old version…. I feel so cheated by NOkia and Microsoft…tursted them and them for years ….the earlier versions of nokia are better… i think they have failed as a smart phone manufacturer….HORRIBLE….

  • Nayan

    unable to install google play services on nokia xl

  • shankar

    hi kamal.. plz give a downloadlink of watsapp via mobilemarket.

    • vjai

      nokia x doesnt support watsapp after rooting also every thing is falseafter updating mobile to latest version nothing works

  • Akanksha

    I installed whatsapp on my nokia X from 1 mobile market. It is working smooth and fine.
    The missing thing is that i am getting whatsapp notifications on fastlane and push notifications too but there is no notification on whatsapp icon about number of msgs received.

    How can i activate that ?


  • pallavi

    Take whatsapp of 13.88mb from any android mobile via Bluetooth it will work I have also done this and it works smoothly

  • bhanunaidu

    i was already using whatsapp on my mobile till 2days back. from 4days its keepon asked me to update your apps. so i updated it After the new whatsapp updation am unable to open my whatapp account. but am getting notification in my faslane…. wen am trying to open whatsapp its saying sorry your device is not supported……

    i uninstalled and installed more than 3 times but its giving me same msg like sorry your device is not supported…..

    • Kamal

      Hey, trick in not updating the working version. Just install the working version and don’t update when prompted.

  • vjaikumar

    even rooting works but google services wont work it says google services has stopped every 5-10 min

  • Kunal

    Please try the below link i tired it worked, download the app in laptop transfer the file to your mobile and reun the file its working

  • Vaqas

    my whats app not working same problam

  • navi

    i have downloaded whatsapp from 1mobile market itself. then i tryied but it showing again device not support….

  • tim

    whatsapp helppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
    sorry your device is not supported

  • sanjay kumar

    whatsapp dose not suport why plz help me

  • Reshma

    Hi I have the same issues. downloaded 1mobile market. then downloaded and installed whatsapp. when I click on the whatsapp icon on the home screen it says not supported. when I check on the messages that appear on fastlane and click … it takes me to whatsapp. but that is an indirect way. Please help

  • Akil Khan

    i Am Using Watsup Nokia X .
    But Downlode Only 1mobil market ..
    aap Log Bhi 1 mobile market se down lode kro mast chalega

  • Akil Khan

    wats Up Only For Downlode 1mobile & Sported In this divise

  • vikram

    i have installed it from 1mobile market but still giving problem of not supporting at nokia 9X.

    • Kamal

      You need to be in touch with Nokia / Microsoft then, as I also installed whatsapp from 1mobile market and for me it’s working fine.

  • I was installed whatsapp from Aptoide apps store when using this whtsapp it showing device is not supported but pl help us ?

    • Kamal

      Uninstall and install from mobilemarket1.

  • Ubaidul haq

    Dear, I successfully installed whats app , with the help of your instruction, on my Nokia x mobile . Will you please guide me , how can I install koi fish type wallpapers. When I tried it , it shows that device is not compatible ,Nokia X.

    • Kamal

      Glad that it helped. I haven’t myself tried installing koi fish wallpapers, so don’t have an idea about it.

  • sagar jha

    Hi. I downloaded whatsapp using the first option mentioned as above.But in the end it says “whatsapp not supported on the device”

    • Kamal

      uninstall and try the second option

      • Maithili

        Hey umm I really dnt noe wats happening wid my mobile have a nokia x n damn it watsapp is not supported ..plz help me out

        • Kamal

          Reading through the full article may help.

    • arunsher mann

      1mobile market to download whatsapp

  • Adeleke Lawal

    I was already using whatsapp on my my device. But at a stage it asked me to update it. After the new whatsapp was updated it now says the whatsapp version is not available in my device………

    • sanjeev

      I got same problem please help anyone.

  • Harpreet singh

    hello bro
    who to download whatsapp in nokia x plz suggest.

  • Hi. I downloaded whatsapp using the first option.But in the end it says “whatsapp not supported on the device”

    • Kamal

      You can download the whatsapp version available in 3rd party store “1mobile market” and it works fine on Nokia X.

      • Paul

        Thanks Got mine working from 1mobile market..

      • Koyejo

        Thanks a lot Kamal. The version downloaded from the 1mobile market works perfectly.

      • Safeer Eshan

        I got the same problem ….. Please help me out of this?
        Please Give me the Proper instruction with step by step.
        I have Also tried above instruction but it’s not working……. Please help me out of this?

      • farah

        i have tried downloadind from 1 mobile market, but its giving same error

      • It needs a upgrade now how to do

      • Hi i have a nokia xl, my old whats app version working but currently its need to update i try it through onemobile market but there is option 1-open,2-uninstall, after that i uninstall the previous version and downlode fress one ….now its tell me your device is not supported …..can you tell me please how can i fix it…..

      • aman ullah khan

        but latest version of whatsapp needs to be installed to run it….which wen installed from 1mobilemarket also does not run..

    • i am facing the same problem …..plz help if u got the solution !!