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A Russian site “izvestia.ru” has been sent picture of a Lumia 1020 accessory. This is a hybrid battery charger – cover designed to accommodate that round camera hump of Lumia 1020,as can be seen in image above.

The accessory has a built-in 1020 mAH battery for that extra juice of nearly 35% of a single charge of the device . When on the device this cover gives iimpression of a compact camera with a pronounced grip for one-handed. It also has openings for camera shutter button, microUSB connector for charging and a socket for mounting on a tripod.

We were tipped about this in morning, but couldn’t cover it. Anyways, the leaky holes may be opening yet again before it is all announced on 11th July by Nokia.

Thanks Yauheni for the Tip. Cheers!!


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