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HP Elite x3 Will Be Available In Gold Edition Too


The most powerful Windows 10 Mobile smartphone till today we know is HP Elite x3 and is going to be more attractive according to new reports. The company recently updated their device specification page (via WC) with new data. And what it indicates is that the device (HP Elite x3) will be available in superior gold edition along with regular Graphite / chrome edition. Company also notes that the gold edition of device will be available only in some countries, so it’s quite unclear up till now, that will it be available in India? (we will report you, once we have more info about it)

We have seen promotion of device not only from HP and Microsoft but also from Qualcomm showcasing their powerful new processor Snapdragon 820. The device will be available after release of Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update which is due on August 2. ( Read our full coverage of Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update)

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