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Latest HP Elite x3 ad aims at staying connected with Clients and Office

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HP is back with another ad for its HP Elite x3. The HP Elite x3 is primarily focused on businesses which brings us to their latest ad showing how the device can help you to stay connected with clients and how easily you can get office work done, either at home or while you are travelling around.

The ad features a saleswoman, seen how she gets work done by working on excel documents, salesforce app, creating power point presentations, using the HP Lapdock to get a full PC like experience, and more.

Watch the ad below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x_La1Z1sX4]

It is a full-business solution that is what HP is trying to convey at least.

Learn how to keep all your contacts, work, business applications, presentations, and more on a single mobile device. The HP Elite x3 is more than a Windows smartphone. It’s a desktop PC, laptop, and full business solution with dual SIM cards to keep work and home life—or western and eastern hemisphere life—separate yet together on one device. Now you can do everything from take calls to make presentations and generate reports all from one device that goes wherever business takes you.

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