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How to install WhatsApp, Instagram & other apps from 3rd party stores on Nokia X


This may look quite obvious to many of you out there, but we at NPU love to bring tutorials which can helps all sort of users and we have received many questions on installing apps not available on Nokia Store in last few days. So, as the title suggests, this tutorial aims to help new Nokia X users in installing apps like WhatsApp, Instagram which are not available yet in Nokia Store. We earlier covered a tutorial on installing WhatsApp on Nokia X, but seems there is some issue with that version of WhatsApp application and it doesn’t work on many devices, as reported by many of you. So, we will let you know how to install WhatsApp or any other compatible apps on your Nokia X without much hassles.

Nokia X 3rd party store

So, here I will share how I got WhatsApp, Instagram, WordPress and many more apps on my review unit. It is pretty easy, all you need to do is to lanuch Nokia Store on your device —-> Go to other app stores collection by scrolling down——> Install the available 3rd party store clients on yor device.

When I received Nokia X, there were only three 3rd party stores, one more has been added recently, so we can expect more. Now, once you have these 3rd party store apps installed, launch any one of them. Here we are launching “1Mobile Market”. Then go ahead and search for the app that you want and install it. In below screenshots, you can see that I have already installed “WhatsApp”.

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