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How Google is making it difficult for Android custom ROMs’ fans/users.


Custom ROMs are one of the best ways to customize and enhance your Android experience. Whether you want to try out the latest Android version, get rid of bloatware, or enjoy some extra features, there is a custom ROM for you. Some of the most popular custom ROMs are LineageOS, Pixel Experience, Paranoid Android, and Evolution X1.

According to a recent article by Android Authority, Google is reportedly planning to deprecate support for the Dialer and Messaging apps in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP)2. This means that brands will have to use their own apps or license Google’s apps for their devices. This also affects custom ROM developers, who rely on AOSP as the base for their projects. 

In clear words it means that Google has quietly removed the source code for the Dialer and Messaging apps from AOSP, making them unavailable for third-party developers. The report also claims that Google will stop providing security updates for these apps in AOSP by the end of 2023.

This move by Google could have several implications for custom ROM fans. For one, it could limit the choice of apps that they can use on their devices. Many custom ROMs come with the AOSP Dialer and Messaging apps as default, which offer a simple and clean interface. If these apps are no longer supported, users will have to look for alternatives or use the apps provided by the device manufacturer.

Another implication is that it could affect the stability and security of custom ROMs. The AOSP Dialer and Messaging apps are tightly integrated with the Android framework and other core components. If they are removed or replaced, it could cause compatibility issues or bugs in custom ROMs. Moreover, without security updates from Google, these apps could become vulnerable to exploits or malware.

As we can see Google’s decision to pull off support for the AOSP Dialer and Messaging apps could be seen as a way to push more users to use its own apps or services. Google already requires device manufacturers to pre-install its suite of apps and services, such as Google Play Services, Google Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail, etc., if they want to use its version of Android.

By making the AOSP apps obsolete, Google could further strengthen its grip on the Android ecosystem. However, this could also backfire and alienate some users who prefer a more open and customizable Android experience. Custom ROM fans are a loyal and passionate community who value freedom and innovation. They may not appreciate Google’s attempt to limit their options or force them to use its apps or services.

And now It remains as a question to be seen how custom ROM developers and users will react to this change by Google. Some may find ways to adapt or workaround the issue, while others may look for alternatives or switch platforms. In any case, Google’s move could have a significant impact on the future of custom ROMs and Android modding in general.

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