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HMD Teases Next Generation Device: Unpixelating the Pixels!


HMD drops one more thing at MWC 2024. These are the first look at their next generation of repairability device that is due for release in July.

One of the key highlights of this device is how easy it will be to replace a broken screen. This next generation FIY (Fix It Yourself) device is meant to reduce the number of steps taken to fix a broken screen.

These are the 2 images dropped by HMD just a while ago. It is hard to say the colors of these devices, with one that looks to be somewhat pinkish and shiny and the other, that looks matte and black , though this image is in monochrome.

There are not much details regarding this device yet, but this is one the pixelated device that was announced. While the dimension looks quite similar to their latest offerings, there are some subtle hint at how HMD might have refined the FIY device for easy repairability. In the monochromatic shot, , the way the back panel blends with the frame might hold the clue to an improved design for easy repairability.

On a side note, the HMD logo seems to be just about right here.

If you have not catch my interview with Mr Lars where he shares some unique details about HMD’s future plans, you can get them here

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In the days and weeks to come, I will be sharing more news on these upcoming devices. So, do stay tuned.

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