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HMD Pulse Pro 16GB/256GB Unboxing and Review: All You Need to Know.


Tak kenal , maka tak cinta is a phrase in Bahasa which translates to you can’t love what you do not know. Hence, the best way to appreciate a device is to test them out yourself, which is something I always advocate before passing a judgment. Tons of questions been popping out since HMD introduced their first smartphone series, the Pulse trio. So, this is going to be all that you need to know about HMD’s first smartphone and I hope it can guide you in your decision.

Pulse Family

The Pulse family represents the entry level Android device by HMD, in the likes of G21 series. And with me is the highest variant available in the market, the HMD Pulse Pro with 16GB RAM and 256GB storage.

The device certainly looks beautiful in hand with smooth curves around the corner and a balanced weight to it. The purple colour looks beautiful complimented by a matching wallpaper. And for the first time we see some customized icon from HMD which is interesting to say the least. The device is a great multimedia powerhouse with a large 6.65in HD+ IPS LCD display with a maximum brightness of 600nits and 90Hz refresh rate and a speaker that supports OZO audioplayback. It even retains the 3.5mm headjack!

The most interesting is the camera app, HMD Camera which is meant to introduce the next generation of imaging algorithm which will be exclusive to HMD devices only. This time around the focus is on Selfie, and night mode which is definitely going to be interesting at this price point.

The most unique aspect of the HMD Pulse series that sets it apart from its competitor is its ease of self repairability. Looking at the design, its easy to understand that HMD has designed the device with repairability in mind. But, how much of this would matter to end users out there? Can the hardware showcase what the software is capable of , especially in the imaging department?

I hope this detailed unboxing and first look video helps you to understand more about this device and in my next review, I will be sharing more on its imaging capability and compare them to other Nokia devices to know what we can expect from HMD with their upcoming devices. In the mean time, if you have any particular question regarding this device , do hit me up on twitter, and I will try to answer them in my second look review. https://twitter.com/theoriginal086

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